Amazon bestseller in genre Historical Fiction / African

"Add a Twist of Sand to The Guns of Navarone and you have an explosive account of an adventure which will keep you turning the pages." Peter Arnold

"A great adventure/spy novel that keeps you engaged right to the last page ... It’s a well-written, entertaining book that provides behind-the-scenes insight into the Angolan civil war." - Evelin Saxinger

"It is a paced and gripping story in the style of Alistair Maclean." - Michael Sheriff

An epic thriller based on a rescue operation during the ugly Angolan civil war of the 1970s. A brutal civil war where the lines of good and bad are blurred, and one's values are severely tested.  


Harrington, the reluctant hero, is part of a special task force involved in this operation. Will his luck and ingenuity help him to successfully complete his mission? Or will his lack of preparedness cause him to fall into the clutches of death?  


As the mission progresses, the turbulence of war creates challenges the rescue team are unequipped for.  


More pressing perhaps, is the deep internal struggle that each team member has to face on his own, between the good and evil within. The turmoil even brings into play the dire question of whether they can trust in each other...a crucial choice that could determine their survival or otherwise.    


Task Force Retriever - Out of Angola explores love, war, the politics of hate, apartheid and international intrigue through this mission. A breath-taking adventure filled with excitement, betrayal and suspicion that will leave you gasping for more until the unexpected climax at the end of the book.